Who we are

Who is F.A.S.S. Togo Rümmingen?

This association supports children of economically weak familys in the district town of Vogan and its surrounding villages. The aim is to promote the academic and social development of these children.

What does F.A.S.S. Togo Rümmingen?

allocation of school materials and school uniforms, tuitition fees for orphans in colleges, support of the villagers at buidling and maintenance of schools (repairs, clean water, latrines etc.) The pupils are to be attended and supported throughout their whole schooldays.

Who chairs F.A.S.S. Togo Rümmingen?

Afi Tschöpe, born in Vogan 1970, living in Rümmingen Germany since 1998, married, two kids, engages in her home country for indigent pupils.